Wednesday, August 20, 2014

New Norfolk

One of the best things about moving to somewhere you don't know is exploring. I know that in a few months, we'll starting getting into a routine, our weekends will become more planned, and we'll start having favourites - favourite places, parks, playgrounds, places to eat. But until then, we are forced, really, to explore. Its great. One of the best things about moving back to Tasmania is that I have a distant memory of places - roughly how far away they are, that they exist at all - and this makes it much easier than a totally unknown place. But turns out that most of my memories are pretty bad - either things have changed a lot, or my memory is very unreliable (or both)!

So last weekend we drove out to New Norfolk. Its about half an hour from Hobart, and feels like a world away - or as S said, a few decades away. It really does feel like its in the past. But its also a lot prettier than I remember. We had a great time - we found a lookout, pies for lunch (!), a walk along the river, another lookout, a playground (of sorts - really, just a swing but no-one seemed to care), and ducks. Also a stack of antique shops (turns out 3 and 5 year olds aren't really into antique shops), an amazing shop called Flywheel (I got to windowshop - I'm thinking that a return visit all by myself might be called for!).

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Lost treasures

So when we left Australia, I left a bunch of stuff with my parents for safekeeping. Now that we're back, that stuff has come back to me. Its funny - some of it I'm really glad to have back and some of it I can't see why I held onto it. Some of it I don't remember much at all, other things feel like part of me.
Amongst the books and blankets and knick knacks, I found a bag with a quilt top in it. A hand-pieced quilt top. I really don't remember much about making this, although I do  remember trying to work out a design that would use all of the large square fabric (I think its a William Morris repro).

I would have made this in the early 2000's - I'd guess 2004 or 2005. And interestingly, I still really love it. It still feels a lot like me, although I'm a bit amazed that I hand-stitched the whole thing (including the border!).

This photo is to remind me how tidy my stitches were!

There was a large piece of backing fabric in the bag with it, which was not quite the right size, so I've now pieced that with a border and sandwiched the top and bottom with some lovely wool/cotton batting. Its nice to be finishing this at a time when I can afford a batting that I like, and not having to compromise given all the hours of work I must have put into this at some time!

So now there is just the quilting, which I'm both itching to get to and putting off (if that's possible!). It seems a shame to machine quilt given all the hand piecing, but then I'm not sure I have the time to hand quilt something these days. Is it better to machine quilt and have a useable quilt in a reasonable time?

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Sunday Runday

So after the rain came the snow.

Then after the snow, came a brief patch of sun, so I went for my run. It was pretty spectacular.
 Also, although the snow was just through the trees, it was about 12 degrees - great weather for a run.

Monday, August 04, 2014

Not so bad

Its not so bad being unemployed*.I get to stay home with my youngest, and do the things I dream of doing when I'm at work and its cold and rainy.

*Actually, its driving me slightly bonkers, but there are wonderful moments like this.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Up North

Random photos from Northern Tasmania....
 Moon over the Tamar River

Christmas beetle display at the Launceston Museum. Perfect combination of so many beetles, and such a cool arrangement.

Launceston has some amazing brickwork industrial buildings. I love a building with a built in message :)

Also, I may have been too gloaty regards the weather. It has rained now for 3 consecutive days.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Can you tell, from the blue, sunny skies, that this was a mid-winter celebration?

The Dark MoFo Huon Midwinter Festival. It really was spectacular. The weather was glorious (as it has been most days), the food was delicious (especially you, sourdough donut filled with honey custard and pine nuts, but also you, wallaby stew), the beers very tasty (I liked the cider, S less so), the coffee excellent and reviving, and the music was wonderful (and varied). The Morris dancers were brilliant, they seemed like they were having a ball and I've never before seen Morris dancing to Walzing Mathilda. Brilliant fun. If this is winter, I'm pretty happy!

Monday, July 28, 2014


I know they aren't really indoor plants.
I know the blue pots poking out the top are naff.

But they are pretty.